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2020 Programs

The theme for Programs this year is Finishing and Journaling.  The Finishing part starts with a 10 Step program to help you finish some of your Un-Finished Quilts (UFQ's).

Use the form to list 10 projects.  Each month, a number will be drawn, and that will be the quilt project to work on for the month.  Let's make some progress and finish some quilts!

Entries in a quilt journal helps keep track of quilts, ideas, and progress on projects.  For those who have never kept a journal, this is a great time to give it a try! Each month, a calendar with daily prompts will be published to aid in the journal process.


April 2020

Wow, a lot has changed in the world since we met in March. Which might give you more to journal about.  How are your UFQ's going?  Have you been writing in your journal?  Are the prompts helpful? Do you write a lot or just a little or not at all?  Did you fill out your list of 10 UFQ's to work on this year?  If so, have you made progress on quilt #6? Spend 10 minutes quilting today, a little bit every day builds progress.  Did you time yourself on how long it take to complete a block? Then calculate how long it will take to finish sewing the blocks, that need to be finished? If you want answer these questions in your journal. The April calendar will be in the newsletter and posted on the Facebook page and website.


If I have a bunch a quilts that need to be finished up then I go by the rule of finish 2 and start 1 (that is my reward for finishing a couple).  Other times it is start 2 (or 3 or more) and finish 1.  So for April Work on the UFQ that you have on line 5. Post pictures to the Facebook page that you have completed/or made progress on your UFQ for line 6 and now line 5.

Until we meet again, Happy sewing.

As Always,

Michelle and Nicole